Valun - Island of Cres

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Sheltered by a Pernat cape, deep within the gulf of Cres, lays Valun, a typical fishermens town and a place widely known for the discovery of famous Valun plate in a small church of Saint Mark, on a local graveyard. This splendid document of Croatian culture and history is dated in 9th century and is today built in the parish church of Saint Mary.

The Valun plate is famous for containing the first Glagolitic inscription and its translation to Medieval Latin has been found on the island.

Copies of other, similar texts, are kept in the Glagolitic lapidarian on the open, near the restaurant, a place obtained by remodeling the old oil plant and a museum in small that witnesses valuable and hardworking nature of the inhabitants. Because in this place peasant and coastal cultures are entwined. Along the coast there are anchored ships and fishing boats, there are webs and wrinkled faces everywhere, faces dried by wind and sun. You will easily find accommodation here, in private houses or in a small, nicely organized, camp for those who like to spend their holidays in touch with the nature. Walks, joyful evenings among friends, boat trips and many more is at your disposal in this small fishermens town. But Valun is above all known for its gastronomical specialties, especially fish specialties shellfishes and other seafood, prepared with great love and skill according to the old, traditional recipes.